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Hallo Leute!


Na, ich werde nicht auf Deutsch schreiben weil ich kann nicht ein Wort sagen (was mache ich o.O)

So let's go for english!

My name is Sophie but everybody call me Sö or used to call me like this .

I'm a french girl and I'm 18 years old. As you must see, I'm a big TH fan (not i'm not fat u_u". I saw them online only 2 times, but I continue to hope to see them as soon as I can.

What about my life... Not so interesting. I had a bestfriend, I used to be happy... It's now far away. You'll see that I'm a really boring people. My life can be resume by "no-life"... What an interesting girl, that's amazing.

20.7.08 20:54

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Laure (1.8.08 11:17)
Je t'aime.

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