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Just a human fucking dream...

Best for ever.... Just a fucking human dream....

Well that's what we usually say when we are in front of someone we call "best".
Something like "I'll always be here for you" or stuff like that.
But what is really a "best friend"?
I can't answer to that question right now cuz i've never found the really best friend I guess.

We said we are friends, the best ever. But then what did you say?

"Rien n'est éternel, pas même la reconnaissance."

It seems to clear. We weren't friend.
You had your own friend, and I had mine.
Just different world! And just one things which attach us...

As you know, you were all for me. I could do so much things for you...

My best friend will never say things you've say.
My best friend will try to understand.
My best friend will certainly say "Ok, I've done that thing, that's bad... I'm sorry."
My best friend will never say "That's your own fault, I tried to change that. You are lying."
Cuz maybe my best friend will not be egoïstic....

My best friend will certainly never exist.
You were that girl, 
The only one which understand me about some stuff.
The only one which know all about me!

We lived a lot of things together!
But now GAME IS OVER...

You were jealous about stuff you didn't need to.
That was just stupid but it's my fault once again if I listen to you!
It was always my fault with you!

Now I don't wanna suffer anymore!
I left all things which remember our friendship to me...

I asked you a header do you remember?
You didn't do it....
Don't you remember it was months ago!

I asked someone, she's doing it right now while you don't!
You were my friend! But you didn't do!
I'd be glad to make you a design, you weren't... 
I'd be proud, you weren't...

That's all I can say right now to you...
You were all....

20.7.08 21:27

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